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Exosome Therapy Scottsdale

Exosome therapy is being praised as the future of cell therapy, and for several good reasons. Exosomes are the cell’s communicators, and when they are in proper balance and good working order, they can help with things like cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, and immune support. They will also allow better communication between cells when they aren’t lacking, making them valuable to a lot of different processes and functions within the body.

Our exosome therapy can provide a unique solution to help your body get back the balance that it needs. No matter what issues you may be struggling with, there are probably regenerative therapies that can help. Schedule your consultation and learn all about exosomes, stem cell therapy, and other regenerative medicine solutions that might be able to help you. The world of regenerative medicine is revolutionizing the way that people take care of their bodies, and in today’s busy world that is a more valuable asset than ever before.

What Is an Exosome?

The exosomes in the body are technically known as extracellular vesicles. They’re really just small bubbles that are released from cells that contain genetic information and proteins that need to be transmitted to a different cell or cells. Their job is to transport molecules and information for various purposes and functions, thus telling cells when and how they should react based on certain circumstances or situations.

Because intracellular communication is critical to the body, several issues could arise if the exosomes aren’t working effectively or they are out of balance. Several different factors can impact the health of these communication essentials. For example, age, environmental factors, and even genetic disorders and chronic disease can impact how the stem cells communicate, which is primarily where exosomes are found.

This lack of communication can lead to poor healing, age-related degeneration, and other unpleasant effects. As a leading therapy in regenerative medicine, exosome therapy offers a lot of potential for those who are struggling to find the balance on their own.

What to Expect from Exosome Therapy

There is a lot of potential for exosome therapy, according to early research. Much like stem cell therapy, it proves to offer assistance with regeneration and improved cell health without any risks or potential side effects along the way. This new therapy is just starting to become popular, but it’s a pretty straightforward procedure. The therapy will be administered either via IV or injection, allowing the cells to better communicate and provide your body with additional healing support.

There are some cases where exosomes and stem cell therapy are combined, but again this depends on your specific needs and what the professionals think is best. Make sure that you take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each therapy and consider whether you need a straightforward or multi-faceted approach. We will extract the cells from the body and create new stem cells in a culture. Then, the stem cells will be removed and the culture will be centrifuged to extract the exosomes. Once that’s done, the exosomes will be put right back into the body. Usually, the affected area is targeted directly.

We will consult with you to create your treatment plan and then we will begin on your first exosome therapy treatment. The process is typically quick and painless, and doesn’t require much effort on your part. You might need to see if this should be combined with stem cell therapy for better results, or any of our other solutions, but that’s going to be an individual decision.

Benefits of Exosome Therapy

If you are considering regenerative medicine, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several benefits to be had. With exosome therapy specifically, you can help regulate and improve processes that may be causing things like inflammation and poor immunity. Restoring the exosome balance allows the cells to communicate effectively, which means that you will have better function overall.

Exosome therapy is also commonly used for anti-aging support and joint degeneration, since it helps restore the body’s natural ability to heal. When the exosomes aren’t communicating properly, it can lead to a lot of health issues, including loss of energy, increased signs of aging, inflammation, and more. You will be able to use this therapy to restore the body’s natural balance and get your hormones back on track in less time than you might have thought.

Exosome therapy can restore the body’s ability to heal itself. It can also improve communication between the cells in the body for better anti-aging benefits. If you are looking to stave off the signs of aging, get rid of tiredness and low energy that come with age, or trying to find any other perks from repairing things at the cellular level, this therapy is a good place to start.

Get Started Restoring Your Body Today

Exosome therapy can be the ideal solution that you’ve been looking for when it comes to healing. If you choose this route, we will work with you to create a custom treatment plan that includes this and other regenerative medicine procedures. Sometimes, the therapy is done via injection or it may be administered via IV, depending on what is being treated and what the expected outcome is. This is why every patient gets a personalized consultation to discuss all of their options and decide on the best treatment path.

Call us today to discuss exosome therapy and other regenerative medicine, as well as which issues you’d most like to resolve. When you’re dealing with any kind of age-related degeneration, the best solution is to find a proactive approach as soon as possible. Regenerative medicine, including exosome therapy, is a great place to start. As always, make sure that you talk to your doctor or a licensed medical professional before starting any new therapies like this to ensure that it’s safe and that it is, in fact, the right choice for your needs. Contact us now to learn more and schedule your consultation.


FDA Regulations Regarding Stem Cells

According to FDA 21 CFR 1271, an HCT/P is regulated solely under section 361 of the PHS Act and the regulations in this part if it meets all of the following criteria:

(1) The HCT/P is minimally manipulated;

(2) The HCT/P is intended for homologous use only, as reflected by the labeling, advertising, or other indications of the manufacturer’s objective intent;

(3) The manufacture of the HCT/P does not involve the combination of the cells or tissues with another article, except for water, crystalloids, or a sterilizing, preserving, or storage agent, provided that the addition of water, crystalloids, or the sterilizing, preserving, or storage agent does not raise new clinical safety concerns with respect to the HCT/P; and

(4) Either: (i) The HCT/P does not have a systemic effect and is not dependent upon the metabolic activity of living cells for its primary function; or (ii) The HCT/P has a systemic effect or is dependent upon the metabolic activity of living cells for its primary function, and: (a) Is for autologous use; (b) Is for allogeneic use in a first-degree or second-degree blood relative; or (c) Is for reproductive use.

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