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Stem Cell Therapy Scottsdale

Stem cell therapy gets a lot of attention lately, but it also gets a lot of misinformation and misguidance from those who don’t understand exactly what it is or how it works. For starters, this is a form of regenerative medicine, which is a growing field that focuses on using the body’s own natural elements and abilities to improve health and heal the effects of age, degenerative conditions, and other issues.

Today’s world is busy and people don’t always have time to give their bodies the care that they need. Unfortunately, by the time you realize it, the damage may already be done. That’s where regenerative therapies like stem cell treatment can help you get back the healing powers that your body once had. It’s not a perfect science, of course, and you’re not going to see perfect results just from one or two treatments after years of letting your body succumb to the stresses of the world. However, it is an effective option for people who want to give their bodies back the chance to heal and regenerate on their own.

What is a Stem Cell?

The entire methodology of stem cell therapy is based on understanding what stem cells are and how they work. Stem cells are essentially the “wild card” cells of the body. These can mimic any other cell in the body, giving you the chance to regenerate and heal all kinds of tissues, muscles, joints, organs, and other areas. Stem cells will stimulate the body’s ability to heal and regenerate tissues in important areas, giving you the chance to alleviate a lot of conditions and issues that might only be treatable otherwise.

Stem cell therapy is commonly used for chronic pain and to promote healing in areas of the body that are facing trouble doing it on their own. The stem cell injections help stimulate the mechanisms responsible for healing and repair, and studies show that the results of this treatment are quite promising. There is a lot to learn about the various issues that stem cell therapy is used for and exactly how this therapy provides so much relief, but so far the signs point to all positive outcomes, which is why it is becoming the preferred choice for many people.

What to Expect

When you choose stem cell therapy, it will start by coming in for a consultation to determine what your exact issues and needs are. We will perform all the necessary tests and help you understand your options for treatment, no matter what you have in mind. Plus, we will discuss infusions, injections, and other therapeutic approaches that are available. Then, we will come up with a plan that fits your unique needs. As for the treatment itself, it’s a simple process that takes just a few minutes, and you can get back to your regular life right away.

Our stem cell therapies can be combined with other approaches to give you a comprehensive solution for your health and wellbeing, as well. All of our treatments are designed to provide the maximum benefits with minimal risk, which is what we love most about regenerative medicine. We’ll walk you through the entire process, ensure that we set up a schedule that gives you the best chances of success, and helps you integrate a total therapy treatment solution that gives your body back the aging and healing support that it deserves.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy offers plenty of different perks and benefits for people who are seeking something different when it comes to improving their healing. If you’re considering this option, here are some of the biggest advantages to keep in mind.

  • No risks associated with chemical medications, OTC painkillers, or opioids and narcotics
  • Use of the body’s natural healing capabilities to regenerate and restore your own
  • A chance to improve chronic conditions that may otherwise have little to no relief
  • Support for autoimmune conditions and some lung conditions
  • Available via injections, IV treatments, and other routes to ensure optimal delivery and results
  • No downtime or side effects to worry about
  • Positive studies show increasing promise for the uses of stem cell therapy in a variety of areas of health and wellness
  • Using your own stem cells ensures that there are no risks associated with embryonic stem cells or synthetic therapies

All of our therapies are performed by trained, experienced medical professionals with state-of-the-art equipment and processes. We work with the latest methods and treatment protocols to ensure the best outcome for every individual, and we can provide therapies that will have you back to life immediately with no downtime or recovery to worry about.

Create a Customized Plan for Regenerative Therapy

With stem cell therapy, you can create a customized plan to resolve all of your healing and degenerative conditions, or at least to find relief for the immediate future. Many conditions require ongoing care and maintenance, so you might want to discuss other therapies and ways that we can help you get more out of your body as you age.

This innovative treatment has a lot of applications and there is a lot that you can stand to gain. You should contact us when you’re ready to get started so that we can discuss your needs and help you create the perfect custom solution to regenerate cells, improve healing, and get rid of common ailments once and for all. Whether you have an idea of what you are looking for or you just like the promise of these solutions, you’ll have no trouble getting everything that you need.

Talk to our specialists today to figure out how our stem cell therapy and other services can help you improve your body’s regeneration efforts and get your healing back on track for good. Whether it’s for chronic pain, anti-aging, or anything else, this might be the ideal approach that you’ve been looking for. On its own or with other solutions, stem cell therapy offers a lot of promise for those who choose it. Schedule your consultation to learn more now.


FDA Regulations Regarding Stem Cells


According to FDA 21 CFR 1271, an HCT/P is regulated solely under section 361 of the PHS Act and the regulations in this part if it meets all of the following criteria:

(1) The HCT/P is minimally manipulated;

(2) The HCT/P is intended for homologous use only, as reflected by the labeling, advertising, or other indications of the manufacturer’s objective intent;

(3) The manufacture of the HCT/P does not involve the combination of the cells or tissues with another article, except for water, crystalloids, or a sterilizing, preserving, or storage agent, provided that the addition of water, crystalloids, or the sterilizing, preserving, or storage agent does not raise new clinical safety concerns with respect to the HCT/P; and

(4) Either: (i) The HCT/P does not have a systemic effect and is not dependent upon the metabolic activity of living cells for its primary function; or (ii) The HCT/P has a systemic effect or is dependent upon the metabolic activity of living cells for its primary function, and: (a) Is for autologous use; (b) Is for allogeneic use in a first-degree or second-degree blood relative; or (c) Is for reproductive use.

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